New beginnings

We’re back and Spring is here!! This little blog post is just to fill you guys in with what we’ve been up to over the past few months. And where to start?!  Well, we’re now living on a farm in the beautiful Cotswolds and good grief, it had to happen. Wobble and Squeak Clothing needed to grow and the universe provided us with the perfect people and the perfect place to allow us to do so. Put that energy out there lovelies, and you will be given exactly what you need. We promise!

Bare Bones
So. It begins.....

In between festivals last summer, we were working hard.  Through the power of the internet we managed to find a farmer with enough space to house us and our business (Robin and Niki, we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us!)

Arr de do dar Tractor!

Ar de do dar Tractor
Gonna build a wall!!!

So, on our weekends off from festies, we made the journey west in the Wobble Wagon to bring our newly found wilderness to life. Looking back at the task that confronted us then is slightly mind boggling, but we knew in our hearts it was the right place to focus our energy.  Through the months of June to September 2018, we converted what was originally an open and draughty barn into a fully functioning warehouse and workshop, complete with insulation and cladding.

Working hard
Shiney Shiney

We didn’t stop there though. Wobble and Squeak’s passion lies in the Sacred Geometry prints we know you all love, so we also built a brand new out building on the side of the barn, to house a wet room with industrial sinks for our many dying processes. Even after all that, what we had made was still a work in progress but the life move loomed large. Time, as we know all too well, waits for no one.

Clad me up Scottie

Thankfully, with a ‘little’ help from our friends (we love you guys) we packed up our tiny house in Portsmouth after the busy festival season had come to an end, and moved our whole business and the contents of our little home 100 miles from the south coast to the Cotswold Hills, and in doing so started a new Wobbly chapter of our lives, BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

The days are now getting longer and we have arrived back from our annual trip visiting our old friends in Rajasthan, who have again helped us turn our ideas from sketches on paper, into brand new original designs for this season, as they always do.

Both Nellie and I feel so, so privileged to keep being given the opportunity in life to do what we truly love, and can only urge you all to trust that if you keep putting out those positive vibes, you will be rewarded with everything and anything you need. Where we find ourselves now, is living proof.

Please stay tuned for our Spring Summer collection, coming May 2019. Mucho loves as always Wobblers.x

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  • Bo

    Wonderful news sweeties, love to come over and see your dreams come true myself….
    Big Love and Giant hugs send from this west-coast girl 😉

  • youknow

    Thanks,Robbie and Chanel, for the story of great enterprise – what it is to be young! It’s so good to hear,that you realise your blessing in being able to forge ahead with your vision.So great about your helpful friends,too,they are all-important to anybody.All our love,and have a Happy Birthday,Robbie! Grandbob and Grandma.youknow


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