Wobble Tie Dye Leggings


Congratulations! You have now found our Wobble and Squeak original Tie Dye leggings, with a super cool tie dye effect over our uber effective slash and weave side design.

Small/Medium Fits a UK 6 to a UK 10

Medium/Large Fits a UK 10 to a UK 12

Large/XL Fits a UK 12 to a UK 16

Available in EITHER large weave or thin weave: PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE ON PURCHASE!!!

We can also cut them to any length so please let me know if you have any specific requirements.


Army green, Black, Brown, Forest Green, Grass Green, Grey, Maroon, Navy Blue, Petrol Blue, Purple


Large/XL, Medium/Large, Small/Medium


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