Wobble and Squeak’s roots are planted firmly in the UK free party rave scene.  It is where we get lots of our inspiration, so naturally our first big location shoot would need speakers. Lots and lots of speakers! We were lucky enough to be living in Portsmouth at the time, so had a beach and an abundance of derelict World War Two infrastructure right on our doorstep. All very suitable rave locations we thought.

The beautiful models who helped us on the day were Hannah and Vikki with support from Dan, Danny and Alex (those speakers were heavy) and of course Bella the dog.

Behind The Scenes

October with her blue hair streaming out to surround her. Wildness captivates. Her lips sing a mermaid’s song. Before the first frost sets in and she returns to the frozen depths.

Photography: James Artaius @ http://www.youtube.com/c/Artaius

Modelling: Rogue Wild @ http://allmylinks.com/roguewild

Rogue is wearing our Elfling Waistcoat, a Flower of Life Deep Top and Mandala Woven Leggings, all in Blue.

This shoot was our creative reaction to the UK’s split with Europe during the Brexit process. We envisaged a breakdown of society, with the outcome being tribal warfare! The set we decided on made use of an abandoned dairy farm and a farmers yard, as we felt it gave the impression of a dystopian apocalypse that our gang could protect from intruders. The hair, makeup and clothing were inspired by various films, from The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later right through to the Matrix and Children of Men.

Thank you so much to our amazing friends and models, Kyle, Jessie, Kel, Callum, Claire and Naomi for making it such an epic weekend. And not forget Narla the Akita. We love you guys!

Behind The Scenes

It’s a beautiful warm midsummers morning. The Solstice is fast approaching and you’ve got a ticket to Glastonbury Festival! Could life get any better? Well yes actually. Your truck has decided to break down just as you were about to leave and if you don’t get on the road soon, you’ll miss the start of the party! So what to do? Hitch of course…..Nothing is going to stop you making it to the greatest show on Earth!!!!!

Modelling for us on the day was Olivia Harriet. Please check out her portfolio here: https://www.instagram.com/oliviaaharriet/

Olivia is wearing our Flower of Life Butterfly Dress Skirt in Champagne, Switch Leggings in Green and a Himachal Hooded Cardigan.

Behind The Scenes

It isn’t often that we spend Winter in the UK, so it was a real treat to experience a stunningly snowy day in all it’s glory! We also used it as an opportunity to take a few snaps of our Autumn/Winter collection. After all who knows when we’ll see that white stuff again!

Festivals are a way of life, and a huge part of ours! Here are a few choice snaps from our time on the road with the stall, enjoying the rollercoaster ride that is the UK festival circuit. And remember, if you ever see us out and about in a field, make sure you pop in and see us for a free dose of Wobbly vibrations 🙂