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Hello all! Welcome to our shop.

Wobble and Squeak Clothing Co are an alternative fashion and accessories company which aims to help small producers by sourcing most of our raw materials from local people in the countries we make our clothes. Our influences and therefore our products are quite varied, but in summary we stock festival and free party attire.

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About Wobble & Squeak

After completing our degrees we both decided that a conventional life was not for us!!! Having worked hard throughout our studies in full time jobs we had managed to save up the pennies we needed to invest in something more fulfilling. What we do is more than just a job, it’s a way of life!!!!!

We are both lucky enough to have travelled extensively around Europe and Asia, visiting many different markets and festivals along the way, so decided to utilize our background in art and design, to create garments we believe fill a unique niche.

We love to continually visit new places and enjoy ourselves along the way so, after much deliberation and reflection whilst in India, we decided to set up this website and a festival stall for the summer time.

This season we have built a larger, more developed festival space which incorporates a happy hippy daytime vibe with a psychedelic fluoro party atmosphere as the night draws in, so please check out our Facebook page or find us on Instagram, for dates and info about where and when to find us on the road.

About Wobble & Squeak
About Wobble & Squeak

Moving forward, we are continuing to add to our collection and are always striving to come up with new and original designs each season to add to our website and festival space. We have put many hours of thought into our creations and hope that this will be reflected in the quality and feel of anything you buy from us.

Our store philosophy is much like our own….we are happy people and want others to feel the same So if you ever see us out and about at a festival, please don’t hesitate to come and grab some positive wobbly vibrations!!!!

Thank you again for visiting our site and taking the time to find out a bit about us!!! Mucho lovings from Robbie, Nellie and Lily (Wobble and Squeak)!!!!

About Wobble & Squeak



Nellie Nells

Owner, maker and designer


Robbie Wobble

Owner, maker and designer


Lily Little Bit

Owner & Customer Services